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Universal Studio by Yui



I yelled. A ghost suddenly appreared in the darkness.  However, the ghost disappeared soon to prepare for the next gest. I was in the House of Horrors with my family. It was in the Universal Studio in California. We got lost in the House of Horrors. So the ghost came back and showed us the way out.

I screamed. The 85-foot-plunge was a surprise for me. I didn’t know it was so scary. It was the Jurassic Park Ride. I didn’t want to ride it but my fahter recommended that it was fun.  In the beginning, the characters were fun and cute.  We saw small dinosaurs. In the middle of the ride, it began to be scary. It became darker and darker. And the ride became bumpier and bumpier. Suddenly, we plunged down into a lake.

I felt dizzy. I felt very excited. We rode the scariest roller coaster ever. Its name is “The Simpsons’ Ride”. It flipped over many times and went into a fire. The baby on the screen became big after taking the medicine. She started to rip off the rail of the coaster. We were in danger of falling down from the rail.  After the ride, I went back to the ride.  It was the best simulation roller coaster ever.

This summer, my parents and I went to the Universal Studio in California. It has many kinds of rides and shows.  The weather was sunny and warm.  I saw many Chinese people talking loudly.  We rode all the rides and watched all the shows in one day.  I felt it was more exciting than Japanese Universal Studio.  Both of my parents and I had a good time.

Cinderella by Yui

Once upon a time, there were two young girls who were twins. The first girl’s name is Mie. The second girl’s name is Annie. They looked exactly alike. They were the same height and the same weight, and wore the same-size shoes. The girls had a mean stepmother. She loved her own daughters and Annie, but she didn’t like Mie because Mie was kind.

One day something exciting happened. It was an invitation to the prince’s ball!  The two daughters and Annie were wearing beautiful dresses and went to the ball.  Unfortunately, Mie had to stay at home doing the chores.  After Mie’s sister went to the prince’s ball, a fairy godmother came to the house. “Please bring a big pumpkin,” the fairy godmother said to Mie.  Suddenly, the fairy godmother changed Mie’s clothes to a dress, the pumpkin to a carriage, the mice to horses, and she even gave Mie glass shoes. The fairy godmother said, “You must come back by midnight because you will lose this magic.” Mie went to the prince’s ball gladly.  At the ball, Mie danced with the prince. When it was 1 minute to twelve, she saw a watch. Frantically, Mie ran outside. She left glass shoes on the stairs.

The next day, the subjects of the prince came to the city and said anyone who could put on these glass shoes would marry the prince. Mie and Annie wore the same-size shoes, so the prince married Annie.

Whale by Kentaro Yoshikawa

   If I could have an imaginary pet, I would want to get a whale and I would name him Whale. Whale is big, delicious, and patient. Whale won’t die when we eat a piece of his meat for dinner, because his flesh will be restored in no time.    I can keep Whale at the bottom of Lake Washington or in the Pacific Ocean. He has to be patient to live in Lake Washington because someone might notice if he splashes or makes waves vigorously. Whale can also live in fresh water.   

       Whale can catch millions of fish for me, he can talk in any language, and I can use him as a boat. If he catches fish for me, I don’t have to go fishing and my parents don’t have to buy when they need fish. I don’t really have to feed Whale because he can eat planktons in water, or he can feed himself by catching fish. I can enjoy fishing more in the ocean if I had Whale as a boat. If he gets upset, I can make him calm by talking to him.    Whale is grayish blue and he looks like an island. He can camouflage in water as he is the color of the sea. If he wants to float in the ocean, he looks like an island so no one will notice that Whale is there.  

          The other day, I saw a weird dream. Poseidon was talking to me. He said he would give me something. He didn’t tell me what I was going to get. I couldn’t forget about that dream for a while.

            My family was planning to go on a cruise to Victoria. When that day came, it was raining hard and windy. We rode on a vessel carefully. I heard that I could see dolphins from the ship. When I stepped on the deck, no one was there. I leaned over the balcony to see dolphins. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see anything. Then wind started to blow stronger. My feet flew in the air and water splashed on me. I was thinking about my weird dream. Then when I woke up, I was in a bubble. An Old Sea God with a long beard appeared in front of me and spoke, “You have been very nice to the nature. Here, this whale will help your life.” When I woke up I was on the back of a whale. Then my life with Whale started.

Little Red Riding Hood by Masako Ishihara

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood. She was called Little Red Riding Hood because she was always wearing a red hood. One day, her mom, who is called Big Black riding Hood, asked Little Red Riding Hood for an errand. That errand was to go to her sick grandmother’s house and give her spider juice. Little Red Riding Hood said she would go, if she didn’t have to drink spider juice.  

Her grand mother, Mrs. Trunchbull, lives in Jupiter. It takes 10 hours to get to her house. Little Red Riding Hood rode in a rocket. The astronaut who was controlling the rocket was a wolf. He was escaping from police because he rubbed a bank. Little Red Riding Hood, of course, didn’t know about this fact.   

“Hey kid, do you wonna go to Mars with me?” the Wolf said.   

“Oh, shut up!” Little Red Riding Hood replied.   

The wolf got mad. He maneuvered the rocket really crazily, making Little Red Riding Hood faint. Then, the rocket landed on Mars. The wolf dropped Little Red Riding Hood without spider juice. When Little Red Riding Hood woke up and understood the situation, she called a taxi rocket. She was able to go to Jupiter, and met her grandmother.   

At the same time, the wolf got thirsty. He remembered he had spider juice that Little Red Riding Hood brought for grandmother. The wolf drank it. Suddenly, the wolf turned into a spider.   

Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother tried to live happily ever after.  To be continued.

Switching Bodies with My Dog by Yusuke Ma 

Have you ever switched bodies with your pet? Well, I have. Let me tell you about it.   

     I was playing with my dog, Hachi, in our backyard. After we played for about one hour and a half, we both got kind of tired. So I went to take a nap in my room for an hour or two, while Hachi was sleeping in his dog bed. I woke up. And I was in Hachi’s dog bed! Okay, this was wierd. So, I thought that this was a dream. I got up with my paws to figure out what was going on. Wait. Paws? I don’t have paws! I looked in the mirror I put on the floor yesterday. I looked just like Hachi! So I thought I switched bodies with my dog when we both were sleeping. I got to get some help, I told myself. So I thought of telling my parents. So I sprinted to the door, (which was fortunately open) and came to the stairs.   

     I never knew that the stairs were really steep and scary for a puppy! I went step by step extremely carefully not to fall. But I slipped and went tumbling down. “Owch”. I said. But it only came out like this: “woof!”. That really hurt. But I still, went to the kitchen. My mom must have seen me because she put down a bowl of some barbecue with barbecue sauce on it. Well, I was hungry anyway, so I ate it. And then, I thought of something. I knew I switched bodies with Hachi while sleeping. So if I sleep again, I could be a human again. So I dashed upstairs and tried to sleep in Hachi’s dog bed. And I woke up in my bed. So I guess that was a dream. I went down stairs to get a drink.   

   Then, my mom asked, “Why do you have barbecue sauce all over your mouth?”   

The Little Chef  by Shogo Hamano

 Once upon a time, there was a man called the Little Chef. One day, when he was cooking, he swatted some flies and he felt he was brave. So, he made a belt that said, “A dozen in one swat.”   

One day, he was walking in the woods for some exercise. After a while he was so tired that he decided to sleep there.  The next morning, the king of the pigs came to the woods, and found the man with the belt that says, “A dozen in one swat.” The king thought it meant a dozen wolves in one swat, so he asked the Little Chef to kill the two giant wolves who had been threatening to attack the pigs. Without thinking very much, the Little Chef said, “Yes. I may help you with that.” He was only thinking about the rewards.   

The next day, he went to the kingdom of the pigs and received the job of killing the wolves. If he could kill the two giant wolves successfully, he would receive two awards; one award was that he could marry the princess of the pigs and the other was that he would receive 100 million dollars. His plan was to hide in the bushes and throw knives at the wolves.   

 The Little Chef was fortunate to find the two giant wolves in the court yard of the pigs’ castle. They were looking for a way to enter the castle. The Little Chef threw one knife at one of the giant wolves who thought that he was thrown the knife by the other wolf. So he got angry. The wolf screamed, “Ouch! Why did you throw that knife at me?” The other wolf screamed back, “I didn’t do it! You idiot! Don’t you even know how to use a knife?”  The first wolf got even angrier and said, “ I know how to throw a knife!” With that they started to kill each other with the knife. The Little Chef successfully killed them. Since he knew the pigs liked to eat wolves, he cooked the wolf stew for them.   

Pigs’ mouths were watering. Pigs awarded the Little Chef with the money and the princess. The Little Chef was happy to get the money but he was shocked to see the princess of the pigs for the first time. She was huge and the ugliest pig he had ever seen. He suddenly stammered, “I just remembered an important job.” He ran as fast as he could with the money. The princess, however, fell in love with him. She started to chase him saying,  “My prince!” To this day, as far as I know, she is still chasing him.   

Three Little Pigs by Sera Narumoto

  Once upon a time, there were three little pigs named Peter, Ian, and Greg and they were siblings. They were living in a small village quietly. They lived normally as other people did. But there was one secret in their mind. They LOVED eating wolves. They wanted to keep it a secret because people around them would be scared if they found it out, so the pigs decided to eat one wolf a month.    

     Today is the day. The pigs carefully left their house at midnight and walked to the wolves’ village. Ian was the most excited, because he hadn’t eaten anything for a week to keep his stomach empty for his wolf. Peter, the smartest pig of the three, told his plan to other pigs while they were walking. His plan was to go inside the wolf’s house; they would break the window quietly, put his sleeping pill to the wolf by using his shot, and then bring it back to their basement under their house. When Ian and Greg heard about that plan, they seemed pretty comfortable with that idea. They had arrived at the wolf’s house.   

     Following peter’s plan, they entered the house. But then they were surprised because it looked as if a bomb exploded. What they saw in the house was Little Red Riding Hood punching the wolf. All the pigs have seen the fairy tale so they could figure out easily why she was there. She was there to avenge her grandmother.    

    As soon as she saw them entering the house, she grabbed a wine grass as her weapon to fight against the pigs. She thought that the pigs were there to help the wolf. Pigs did not understand what was going on, but realized Red Riding Hood was coming toward them. So Peter quickly took out his soporific shot and stuck her with the needle. Riding Hood suddenly fell asleep on the floor. The pigs won. Greg saw something fallen from her bag. It was some kind of a juice bottle labeled “Spider Juice”. It really freaked them out because there was a big spider floating in the juice. Anyway, the wolf heard that noise and woke up. They were now in real trouble. Pigs were not planning on fighting with the wolf because they were way weaker than wolves. Greg stared at the “Spider Juice” and said, “It might be able to help us in some way! I will drink it right now.” It was unbelievable to drink that juice but he actually did. About 5 seconds later, nothing happened. But Greg fell down. “GREEEEEG!!!!” Two other pigs yelled out loud. The wolf was on them but they had no weapon to use. They were simply eaten by the wolf.   

 My Lucky Day by Karin Amano   

Once upon a time, there was a big hungry lion at a small village. One day, when the lion was hungry, he heard a small knock on the door.   

“Who’s there?” said the lion with his dark voice.   

And somebody answered, “Hey Pig, I’m your friend Sheep.”   

When the lion heard the word “sheep”, he opened the door quickly and dragged the sheep in his house. “Oh, you look very delicious,” said the lion.   

“Don’t eat me, Mr. Lion. I’m not delicious,” said the little tiny sheep.   

“Hey, don’t lie. You’re my dinner,” said the lion excitedly.   

The lion ran to the kitchen, got a frying pan and put the sheep in it. “The last word?” asked the lion.   

“You should wash me first because I’m stinky Mr. Lion,” said a stinky sheep.   

The lion agreed and he started to get a sponge and soap to clean him. “Now, it is good,” said the lion happily and he put the sheep in the frying pan again.   

“Wait. You should shave me, Mr. Lion. You don’t want to eat a hairy sheep, right?” asked the sheep.   

The lion agreed again and he started to shave him. “Okay, you are fine now,” said the lion tiredly.   

“Wait, Mr. Lion. You should feed me so you can eat a fat juicy sheep, right?” asked the sheep again.   

 The lion agreed once again and made spaghetti, salad, and rice crispies for him. When the sheep was eating his meal, he ordered the lion to massage him. When he was eating the salad, he heard a big snore from his back. When he looked back, the lion was sleeping as he was tired. The sheep took his rice crispies and rushed home.   

        “Today was a great day,” said the fat sheep. “I should visit fox’s home tomorrow.”