To all my students,

In some classes we are studying about the rainforest. This cool website has an interesting story about a red eyed tree frog.

Please click on Mongy’s Adventures.  After reading the story, write your answers to my questions on this blog.  The first student who answered all my questions correctly will get 5 stars on the New Word chart.

1. Why can Christa hear the frog? (chapter 1)

2. What does Mongy want?(chapter 1)

3. Why was Mongy sad? (chapter 2)

4. How long do frogs live? (chapter 2)

5. Which frogs carry the tadpoles on their back?(chapter 2)

Mongy is truelly a VIF!  (What is VIF?  Read the story.)


This is a great website without commercials.  You can learn about a great variety of topics; space, weather, myths, art, history, to name a few.  They have games and puzzles, too.  Please explore this website and become a little smarter!

Please look at the book report page on my blog and read the students’ book reports.  You may find them interesting. You might disagree with them.  Write a comment.  After reading other students’ book reports, you might feel like reading the books. Go ahead and read them.  Then write your own book report.  If you agree to have your book report published on my blog, please send it to my email address.

 Your created work is copyrighted, which means nobody can copy or use your book report without your consent. ( …as everybody knows)

My family and I are going to visit Portland for a couple of days.  It has been a long time since we last visited the city.   Portland Japanese Garden is beautiful with the little tea house, and the Oregon Zoo is fun. But shopping in Oregon is the best of all; sales tax there is 0.00% compared to Washington’s 9.5%.  Well, where is Mr. Nakano? …Where did he put the credit card?

We are going to watch the movie The City of Ember on Monday, February 15, from 10:00 am.   This science fiction movie is true to the original book except for an unexpected appearance of a giant…(Oops! I shouldn’t give the story away)  Please come and watch the movie.  Everyone is welcome!

Hi everyone,

I found a free English grammar website.  They have exercises and games, too.  Have fun!

Hi everyone,

This is a free online video lecture on diet and nutrition.  Getting correct information on diet is the first step to a healthier life.  You can watch it free until March 2.

Hi everyone,

This is a good website you can use to improve your grammar, punctuation, and writing.  Click “General Writing” and then go to Grammar, Punctuation, or whatever you like.

Hello everyone,

I have learned how to create my own blog…at last.

I am going to post some useful ideas on how to improve English.  I also intend to post links to interesting websites.   Enjoy!