*This is a letter from Captain Summer Martell, who flies a business jet called Gulfstream.  She wrote a letter for Japanese female pilot trainees.

To my Japanese sky sisters,

 It is an honor that I was asked to offer you words of support in your aviation endeavors. 

  I live in the US and have been flying since age 16.  At age 17 my father died, and my family was unable to support my aviation aspirations.  That did not stop me.  I did whatever I had to in order to make money for flying lessons.  I am now the captain of a Gulfstream 100 business jet. 

 It was not always easy to make enough money for flying, but I was determined.  However, without the support of the other men and women in aviation I would not have been as successful.  Other pilots believed in me and promoted my love of flying.  Their support was truly what kept me going.   It is now my turn to offer my support to young pilots.

Aviation is a wonderful, worldwide family and I am very happy that you are now part of it as well.  Please remember that you have a fellow pilot in the US who believes in you and wants you to be successful in aviation. 

You are always welcome to contact me if you are in need of any advice or support.  My e-,mail is summermartell@hotmail.com and I am on Facebook under Summer Martell.

 Wishing you blue skies and happy landings,

 Captain Summer Martell