Pioneer Cat

book report by Takuto Kudo

As pioneers in 1800s, Kate’s pa and ma decided to go to Oregon by joining the wagon train. Kate does not want to leave her friend, Doris. Before they left, Kate found a cat and named it Snuggs. Kate wanted to bring Snuggs to Oregon, so she put Snuggs in a box and hid it.

During the trip to Oregon, there were a lot of things happened to them. First, there was a buffalo stampede. Second, there were Indians: they had be tracking them. Third challenge was crossing the wavy river. Kate and other people had to cross the river to get to Oregon.

Did Kate get over her difficulties? Could she bring Snuggs to Oregon safely? I enjoyed reading this book. I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis

book report: Chika Doi

The Magician’s Nephew is one of masterpieces of C. S. Lewis. He is the author of The Chronicles of Narnia. Of course you must have heard of Narnia, because now the series became exciting movies! C. S. Lewis was born in Ireland, and he was a Christian, so the key to enjoying this book is the knowledge of Christianity.  But you don’t have to know about Christianity because this story is excellent as an adventure story. When C. S. Lewis was fourteen years old, he was interested in atheism,  myth, and occult. He became a Christian again when he was thirty-one years old. Knowing he was Christian, you will be able to find interesting parts related to Christianity, things like an apple, the lion and its song; They are all related to Christianity! 

It’s about Digory and Polly.  Digory’s father is in India, and his mother is very ill, so he has to live with his aunt and mad uncle (Uncle Andrew) who has some secrets. One day, Digory and Polly go to Uncle Andrew’s room by an accident, and Uncle Andrew sends them to another world. They eventually arrive at Narnia. 

Digory and Polly sleep under winged-horse’s wings. Isn’t it enviable?   And there are funny stories of Uncle Andrew and other animals. This book will bring you to Narnia with Digory and Polly. This is a wonderful and exciting story of Digory and his friends and family. You should read this excellent story too!

Savvy   by Ingrid Law

book report: Mina Nakano

Becoming an adult is complicated, made even more so because adulthood is not a tangible concept. In Savvy, author Ingrid Law tells the story of Mibs Beaumont, a girl who learns what it is to be an adult. Her path to adulthood is a physical road trip—one where she learns responsibility, individuality, and love.

            In the Beaumont family, everyone has his or her own savvy, a unique magic power. This power appears on the person’s thirteenth birthday. Mibs’ late grandmother could catch radio waves, her grandfather can move the earth, her mother is perfect in everything she does, her brother Rocket can use electricity as he wishes, and her other brother Fish can control the weather. All of these abilities work according to the user’s emotions. At the beginning of the story, Mibs is excitedly awaiting her approaching thirteenth birthday. She cannot wait to find out what her savvy is.

            Suddenly, disaster strikes. Mibs’ father, who does not have a savvy, is critically injured in a highway car crash. He falls into a coma. The family, even with their magic powers, cannot do anything to help him. Mibs prays fervently that her savvy will be something that could help her father.

            On the day of her thirteenth birthday, Mibs, her brothers Fish and Samson, friend Will Junior, and Will’s elder sister Bobbi find themselves on a journey to get to Mibs’ father in the hospital. Mibs initially thinks her savvy is waking people up, but she realizes that it is actually listening to people’s thoughts through their tattoos. The journey seems pointless… until Mibs starts to learn more about herself and the others. She slowly comes to terms with leaving behind childhood, and her understanding of human relations deepens.

            I recommend Savvy for young readers who are unsure of what adulthood holds for them. This book’s core theme is clear and simple, and easily understandable for any reader. If you want to relieve the uncertainty of growing up, or just want a good adventure story, this is the book for you.

 Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

book report: Naoki Sugasawa

Three nasty and mean farmers named Boggis, Bunce and Bean are trying to get rid of Mr. Fox who is stealing food for his family. First, they tried to shoot him with shotguns.  They got Mr.Fox’s tail, but missed his body. Mr. Fox was back home safe just in time. Then, the men thought of using mechanical shovels to get Mr. Fox and his family.  When Mr. Fox saw the ceiling of hir room crack, he told his family to dig with him. They dug and dug and dug to save their lives. After three day, Mr.Fox and his family were starving, so he made a plan.

Mr. Fox met Badger and other animals who were also starving.  The nasty and mean farmers were still waiting in the dark beside their tents for animals to come out for food. What will happen to Mr. Fox, his family, and other animals?  I think this book is fun, exciting, and thrilling.


The Vampire’s Vacation(A to Z Mysteries) by Ron Roy

book report: Hinase Enoki

Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose saw a weird man they had never seen before in town. Ruth Rose thought she could recognize him, but she forgot who he was. Josh thought the man was a vampire because he was all dressed up in black. They followed him to see where he was going.  First, they saw the man go into the Ellie’s Diner.  The three kids followed him in. Then the guy suddenly vanished! They told Ellie everything they saw. Dink recognized a little round band-aid on Ellie’s neck. The trio went outside and Dink told Josh and Ruth Rose about the little round band-aid.

When they were walking on the sidewalk, they saw the weird man again. They followed him. This time, he went into the Book Nook.  The children also went into the Book Nook, but it was no use. He disappeared again.  Dink noticed another round band-aid on Mr.Paskey’s neck. Now, Josh really thinks the man is a vampire because he is drinking everyone’s blood.  Or is it because everyone needs a band-aid on his or her neck?

I recommend this book. It is a very good mystery book. I hope you will enjoy reading it!


The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies

book report: Akari Taniguchi

One hot summer day, Jessie and Evan had a war called “The Lemonade War”. They started competing selling lemonade. The rules are that they can only sell lemonade and have to make at least 100 bucks (dollars)!  In the middle of the war, Evan and Jessie hated each other.  They can only sell lemonade until Sunday. Who will win?

I love this book because it tells you how to sell a lot of lemonade in details. I am sure you would love this book, too. So, you should read it!


Clementine by Sara Pennypacker

book report: Akari Taniguchi

Clementine is a normal girl, well, actually a big trouble maker.  All the things in the story started on a Tuesday. A bad Tuesday.  First, she cut her friend’s hair. Next, well, I shouldn’t tell you. If you want to find out, just read this book! OKay, I will tell you one more thing. She was sent to the principal’s office many times!  You should really read this book because it is exciting and funny at the same time!

Rollercoaster     poem by Akari Taniguchi

Rollercoasters are fun to ride

With my parents sitting by my side

I am enthusiastic about the thrill

Of speeding down  the enormous hill

But it’s kind of frightening

to go as fast as a lightening


Diamond of Darkhold  by: Jeanne DuPrau

book report: Yusuke Ma 

            For several months after they escaped the dying city of Ember, Doon, Lina, and the people of Ember have been living in the city of Sparks. When a roamer came to trade some goods, Doon traded a box of matches for a book that was for the people of Ember. They looked at the pages but didn’t have any clue for the meaning of the book. So Lina and Doon agreed to go back to the city of Ember to find a clue.

            Lina left a note for Mrs. Murdo, her step-mother. And Lina and Doon left the city of Sparks and headed to Ember.  When they found a crack in the ground, from where they could see the underground city, they both saw a glowing light in the center of the city.  So they went down a path that led them to Ember.

            They came to the city in the Unknown Regions. They went forward toward the city, but a long ditch blocked their path. They found a big plank and used it as a bridge. They headed toward the center of the city. And they both saw a big fire.

            As Doon went forward to the fire, a man grabbed him and pulled him away.  Lina was not seen, but what will happen to her? What will happen to Doon?

            This book is really exciting and interesting.  You can’t predict what will happen until the end. The most exciting part is when Doon tried to escape the Troggs.  But the best part is when Lina and Doon found the diamonds.  I really enjoyed this book.


Who’s Your Mummy? Goosebumps by R.L.Stine

Book report by Yusuke Ma

Abby and Peter have to go to their uncle’s house because their grandmother is sick.  She has to see a doctor at a hospital. When Abby and Peter get off the train and wait for their uncle,  nobody comes. They ask a lady about their uncle.  She tells them where he is, but warns them that it is dangerous to go.  Abby and Peter don’t believe her and go to their uncle’s house.

When Abby and Peter go inside, their uncle greets them. That night, when Abby was about to go to bed, she sees a giant man in the garden.  Then, a giant bat attacks the man, who runs away.  In the morning,  Abby tells about the man to her uncle, who says it must have been a robber.

In the morning, Abby shoots her uncle’s cat with a water gun.  Then the can turns into dust. When she goes to tell her uncle about it, there is a moan behind a door. When she opens the door and goes in a room, there are mummies! When she goes further in, she comes to another door. When she goes inside….

When I was reading this book, I was thinking about Abby’s character. She is brave. One example of her braveness is shown when she saw the mummies; she didn’t trun back. She is strong-willed, too. I admire her courage. I enjoyed this book a lot. The part where Abby went into a room full of mummies was really frightening, but excitin.


26 Fairmount Avenue by Tomie Depaola

                                                                                                  Book report by Yui Takagi

Five- year-old Tomie lived in Mariden, Connevticut.  In1938, there was a big hurricane when Tomie’s house was being built. When the big hurricane came, the garden future, garbage cans, a bird bath, and other things were flown. Tomie’s family were worried about their new house. This book tells about their new house.

The part I like most is when Tomie went to the kindergarten for the first time. Tomie wanted to learn how to read. When the teacher said, “We will learn how to read next year,” Tomie went home, saying, “I will come back next year.” I thought Tomie was funny.

This book has many episodes which are interesting. Tomie really wanted to move into a new house. Will they finish building their new house? I enjoyed reading this book.

The Bad Beginning : A Series of Unfortunate Events 1  by Lemony Snicket

Book report by Masako Ishihara    

As you can see from the title, this story is not a happy story. In page 1, the author Lemony Snicket even tells you, “If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other book. In this book, not only is there no happy ending there is no happy beginning and very few happy things in the middle.” The Bad Beginning is the first of a series of thirteen books.

        The story begins from the scene where the three siblings, Violet, Klaus, and Poppy Bauldelaire, were spending time at the Briny Beach. They had a pretty good life until Mr.Poe – a friend of the Bauldelaire family – came to tell the news to the siblings that their parents had died. Because of their parents’ will, the three siblings had to stay with Count Olaf who is their nearest relative.

       Even though there is not a happy ending, I still like this book. When there was a happy part in the book, I was pleased because I was feeling sorry for the Bauldelaire siblings. I think what the author is trying tell us is that there are some people around the world who are unfortunate and unhappy even though they try very hard to be happy.

Lemony Snicket’s official site



The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

Book report by Kentaro Yoshikawa      

There is no sun in the City of Ember. There are just a few lamps. Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow got jobs from Mayer. Lina got pipework’s helper and Doon got messenger job. Doon wanted to trade jobs with Lina because Doon wanted to use his good skill of fixing machines. They traded their jobs and Doon noticed that the City of Ember will end. Lina noticed the secret of Mayer. Lina’s sister Poppy found a sheet of paper that looked important for the future of the City of Ember. What does that paper mean? What is the secret of Mayer? How do they get out from the City of Ember? What is the consequence of Doon and Lina’s action? If you want to know, you should read the book The City of Ember. I like this book because I didn’t get bored when I was reading this book.



Matilda by Roald Dahl

                                                                                                                                                                               Book report by Shogo Hamano

Matilda is a brilliant girl. Matilda’s ordinary parents don’t care about Matilda. Her mom ALWAYS goes to a bingo game leaving Matilda alone at home. That shows that she’s not a very good house-wife. Her father is a used car dealer and he cheats his customers.

 Matilda couldn’t stand her dad’s dishonesty and cruelty toward Matilda so she decided to retaliate against her father. She put her mother’s platinum blonde hair-dye strong into her father’s Oil Violet Hair Tonic. After using the tonic, Matilda’s father’s hair actually did become blond. After the incident her dad got a lot calmer and Matilda was very glad because that was what she wanted to do. Another time, her father ripped the library book which Matilda was reading because he got jealous of Matilda’s intelligence. So she decided to retaliate again. This time, she put a parrot that she borrowed from her friend Fred, in the chimney. Whenever the parrot said something, her family thought it was an intruder or a ghost. Her family except Matilda (who put the parrot in the chimney) were scared especially her dad. Her father became calmer after the ghost incident too.

At school, she encounters a formidable enemy, Miss Truchbull, who is a head-mistress. She thought Matilda was a troublemaker because her father told so, which was not true.

Even though Matilda is young, she had to face many problems and help others. I enjoyed reading this book because something fun and ingenious happens every chapter. If you like stories which are full of fun things, you should read this book by Roald Dahl. You won’t be disappointed. 



Daniel’s Story by Carol Matas

                                                                                                                                                                                 Book report by Seigen Enoki

          Daniel’s Story written by Carol Matas takes place in the history’s deadliest year, 1933. The Nazis came to power and made all the Jewish people go to the concentration camp. Babies, children, teens, adults and elders had to go there either to work or die in the gas chambers, where they were choked to death. Millions of people died in the camp. In this story, a boy named Daniel gets captured and is taken to the concentration camp and he is only thirteen.  Even though he is starving, he needs to survive and not to trip or fall on the ground. If he falls, he will get shot to death. He tries to meet the rest of his family at the camp but he only finds his sister Erica and Father.

           The story is very sad when his sister and mother die at the concentration camp. I rate this book five out of five because it has so many detailed descriptions of the camp that I was able to make a picture in my head. This book is also very suspenseful. Even though when I had to stop reading for the day, I just couldn’t.  I really wanted to know what was going to happen next. I think people who are age 10 and older would enjoy reading this book, especially readers who like adventure and stories about Hitler and Nazis. Although it had a little bit of violence, I enjoyed reading the book, Daniel’s Story.